The Natural Health Clinic Derby - Testimonials

Marie Rose
I would have been in a wheelchair by now if it wasnt for regular treatments from Dianne, I can't thank you enough.
Parkinson disease sufferer
Dianne is the only person who gives me relief from my pain.
Mick Bradbury
If it wasn't for the treatment I recieved from Dianne Richardson I would be disabled.
Mavis Bolton
I met Dianne 6 years ago after a fall when I fractured my pelvis and was put into care where I was told to pull myself together - there was nothing wrong with me." She says "if I hadn't got you I wouldn now be crippled you have helped me and given me a different prospective on life, both on a holistic and spiritual side, I'm glad I found you.
Professional Cyclist
helps physically with Cycling - helps with his anxiety because it relaxes him differently at each treatment. Mentally - physically emotionally - appreciates massage its great for both mental and physical stress relief - body is more supple and I am less likely to damage and pull muscles when under stress.
Veronica Kerr
At the Natural Health Clinic you feel like an individual. Dianne takes time to find out who you are and treats the whole person not just the problem. I come away feeling like a new person energised and positive.
Julien Williams
Thank you so much for your kind, caring professionalism. I has been wonderful to meet someone that I feel I can trust at the outset. It means alot, Love and many thanks.


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