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About me – Dianne Richardson

I started my career working with children in Health Day Nurseries and then with children with special needs both mentally and physically. I also trained to become a yoga teacher and qualified in 1984. As a result of this I realised there was a real need for more hands on treatments and physiotherapy. During this time it was evident that the connection between the mind & body and stress was very important so I trained & qualified as a Hypnotherapist psychotherapist councillor.

I qualified in Remedial massage from the Northern institute of massage – Physical therapies and manipulation and then continued to study and train right up to the Diploma of Honours in 1999. I qualified in sports therapy in 1995, the use of electrical therapy lymphatic drainage and remedial exercise therapy as a post graduate in 1998, and attend continuous professional development courses in rehabilitation and treatments. I am a practitioner for the Arthritic Association and one of the team of tutors of the Northern institute of physical therapy and massage, on pain management.

I went into private practice in 1988/9 and have continued to treat people with physical, mental and emotional related conditions in a very professional way, using skills and experience gained over 27 years that reach the individual needs with personalised treatments explaining and listening to the patient and then explaining how to aim to treat it.

I specialise in the personal and holistic approach that helps to balance the mind, body and spirit and enables the individual to regain better health working alongside the medical profession in a healing capacity.

NAMMT National Association of Massage & Manipulative Therapists Is a professional association to represent the interests of professional massage and manipulative therapists, it is one of the countries fastest growing professional associations and accepts members world wide, Dianne is the secretary for Nammt.


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