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Back & Neck Therapy

Do you really want to have to live with back or neck pain? I didn't think so. The path to finding back and neck pain relief starts with understanding pain and healing. Remember this simple rule:

RESPOND to pain. Understanding pain and its role in finding neck and back pain relief is a major factor in recovery and getting your life back.

Recognize pain as your body's signal that something is wrong. It's a sign that something is wrong and needs to be addressed.Back or neck pain a sign that something's not working properly. The source of the problem may be physical, nutritional, or emotional. Listen to your body and heed the message. In order to find neck and back pain relief, your first have to see it for what it is.

Embrace pain as a partner in healing. Sounds crazy, but it is the absolute truth. Pain lets you know what's going on in your body. Pain is an incredibly great barometer for healing and progress toward neck pain relief and back pain relief.Replace your negative image of pain with the image of understanding how well you are healing. It helps you understand your limitations so you can continue to expand them. That results in you taking an active interest and participatory role in your healing. Back and neck pain is a signal from your body that you need to reflect and make change to better accommodate your body's needs. So listen up.

Manipulative Therapy

This is the skilful restoration of mobility to sort tissues and joints using a variety of massage, mobilisation and manipulative techniques.

The application of massage as a remedial therapy is based upon a thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology. It aims to re-balance the musculoskeletal system by working specifically on muscles, tendons, joints facia and ligaments, thus making remidial massage a powerful yet non traumatic therapy. The precise mobilisation and manipulation of joints is a natural extension to the re-balancing of soft tissue, thus allowing freedom of movement within the joints so facilitating the normal function of the vascular and neural systems

The correct and balanced function of the musculoskeletal system also helps in maintaining other systems in the body, like digestion, excretion, respiration etc.

Remedial Physical Therapy

Remedial massage helps with sports injuries by reducing swellings, helps alleviate spasm, inflammation general soreness and stiffness by softening muscles and improving circulation. The use of ice-heat therapy is often applied along side ultrasound which helps to speed up the body's natural healing and recovery time.

I am qualified and affiliated to the Sports Rehabilitation and Educational Committee and the Society of Sports Therapists since 1995 and cover all sports – young and old.

Sports Injury Massage

Sports therapy is a truly holistic therapy covering pre and past massage, injury treatment exercise and nutrition advice and sports psychology

How it works

It relaxes and tones muscles improves circulation and lymphatic drainage and balances and tones the body – thus reducing muscle and joint aches and pains, calms pre and post nerves releasing tension and lowering the blood pressure. Helps to reduce lactic acid produced after sports. It helps increase the range of movements and helps balance posture and reduce the risk of injuries by improving flexibility and mobility which can help personal bests and aid recovery time.

Electrical Therapy

Electrotherapy is the use of unique scientific instruments for the relief of pain and to stimulate the bodies natural healing process. It is used for sports injuries, muscular skeletal problems, and in conditions such as arthritis, neuralgia, tendonitis, frozen shoulder, whiplash, sprains, strains and muscle spasm and is especially helpful in relieving sciatic nerve pain, lower back pain and pain down the legs.

The use of ultrasound is a mixed frequency of sound waves which increases the blood supply, brings endorphins, such as the bodies natural analgesics , muscles relaxants, and anti-inflammatories to the area which helps to speed up the bodies healing.

It works by stimulating the body tissues to supply maximum healing power to the millions of molecules frictioning the cells and helping the immune system to carry away any infection or inflammation to a damaged area, naturally.

Muscular Skeletal & Soft Tissue Therapy

Muscular skeletal massage, soft tissue and deep tissue release are techniques used to allow the muscles to relax and therefore allowing manipulation to take place where necessary easily and release spasm in the tissue helping to alleviate pain discomfort


Hypnotherapy is a suggestion therapy and is used for many things such as exam or driving test nerves, confidence issues, interview nerves, sports enhancement, pain management and smoking cessation although this is just a very small number of the problems that can be helped by hypnotherapy.

Hypnoanalysis is used to resolve deeper seated issues, such as phobias, anxiety and stress, eating disorders and self harm but again it can be used to relieve many other problems. Taking a person through hypnoanalysis usually takes anywhere between 8-12 weeks

For those who just want to relax, a relaxation session is the perfect way of winding down after a hard day

For a long time people have had a very bad impression of hypnosis. Television and films have portrayed it as something almost sinister, as some form of mind control and various stage shows encouraging people to take part in ludicrous behaviour have all contributed to making people wary of using hypnosis. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Hypnosis is not mind control, being in hypnosis is just being in a very relaxed state. at all times you remain in control and contrary to belief are awake and aware of what is being said to you. It is a wonderful, pleasant, deeply relaxing experience and a fantastic way of helping people with all sorts of problems. Even if you just need help to relax, hypnosis is the perfect way of de-stressing. It is a state of relaxation and concentration together with heightened awareness that has been induced by suggestion.

Hypnosis has been around since the time of the Egyptians and has been used for a very long time as a tool for helping people with psychological problems for performing painless operations and of course for entertainment.


Counselling is an art to enable the person to take control of their emotions and psychological issues by talking through problems and conditions arising from life's implications whether it is personal, work or socially related – relationships and family problems to can drain and traumatise individuals often causing past trauma and stress related conditions that if left can cause health issues both mentally and physically as well as emotionally.

Being able to discuss things in a safe professional and trusting manner will help to give the individual another prospective way to cope and overcome otherwise self limiting conditions


I use psychotherapy to work with the mind and the body to help the client or patient help themselves control and recovery with the healing of physical mental or emotional issues in a unique using idiodynamics of visualisation relaxation suggestion, reaching into the source of inflammation to enable the person to achieve a more positive and balanced life.

Psychotherapy, counselling, hypnotherapy, cognative behaviour therapy are all means to help people achieve a greater self understanding and inner contentment through focussed attention on issues such as stress related problems at work or home, relationship difficulties, low self esteem or confidence, anxiety and depression, bereavement, loss or major changes in circumstances, childhood and abusive issues, medical problems and eating disorders. Past trauma symptoms can be helped in a very confidential, supportive and therapeutic way.

Stress Management

It is estimated by the medical profession that 80% of conditions are stress related, from headaches, digestive problems to generalised discomfort due to tension, from back pain to induced by physical stress bought on by habitual misuse, to heart attacks brought on by overeating, drinking , smoking and lack of exercise

All the above conditions could benefit from massage treatment, which brings relaxation to the tissues and also imbues a deep feeling of well being and of relaxation - a sense of letting go.

Massage is now slowly being re-introduced into hospitals where its benefits can be measured scientifically. Research has been carried out at the Charing Cross Hospital involvong massage therapy for cardiac patients. They found that massage lowered blood pressure in very agitated patients and kept it lowered for far longer than they could have anticipated. It stimulated the circulation, reduced anxiety levels and also helped people who sleep when tablets had failed to work

Many people have forgotten how it feels to be truly relaxed. Massage can put you back in touch with the feeling of well being that is possible that is possible when tension is released.