Welcome to The Natural Health Clinic Derby

Dianne started her training in 1984 at the Northern Institute and qualified in Remedial Massage, Manipulation, Sports Therapy and Electrotherapy up to the Diploma of Honours. She is a member of C.N.C.H. and registered practitioner of the Arthritic Association and Back Care ( Back Pain Association) and part of the team of tutors at the Northern Institute.

Dianne is also a qualified Hypnotherapist, Psycotherapist counsellor and works very closely with Mind Body Therapy, registered with the General Hypnotherapy Council as a senior qualified practitioner, NAMMT, CNHC,G.M.T.C, SQHP, BSYA.

What we do

  • Back & Neck Therapy

    Do you really want to have to live with back or neck pain? I didn't think so....

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  • Manipulative Therapy

    This is the skilful restoration of mobility to sort tissues and joints using a variety of massage...

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  • Remedial Physical Therapy

    Remedial massage helps with sports injuries by reducing swellings, helps alleviate spasm...

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  • Sports Injury Massage

    Sports therapy is a truly holistic therapy covering pre and past massage, injury treatment...

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  • Electrical Therapy

    Electrotherapy is the use of unique scientific instruments for the relief of pain and to...

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  • Muscular Skeletal & Soft tissue Therapy

    Muscular skeletal massage, soft tissue and deep tissue release are techniques used to...

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  • Hypnotherapy

    Hypnotherapy is a suggestion therapy and is used for many things such as exam or driving test...

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  • Counselling

    FCounselling is an art to enable the person to take control of their emotions and psychological...

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  • Psychotherapy

    I use psychotherapy to work with the mind and the body to help the client or patient help...

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  • Stress Management

    It is estimated by the medical profession that 80% of conditions are stress related, from...

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