Stress Management

It is estimated by the medical profession that 80% of conditions are stress related, from headaches, digestive problems to generalised discomfort due to tension, from back pain to induced by physical stress bought on by habitual misuse, to heart attacks brought on by overeating, drinking , smoking and lack of exercise

All the above conditions could benefit from massage treatment, which brings relaxation to the tissues and also imbues a deep feeling of well being and of relaxation - a sense of letting go.

Massage is now slowly being re-introduced into hospitals where its benefits can be measured scientifically. Research has been carried out at the Charing Cross Hospital involvong massage therapy for cardiac patients. They found that massage lowered blood pressure in very agitated patients and kept it lowered for far longer than they could have anticipated. It stimulated the circulation, reduced anxiety levels and also helped people who sleep when tablets had failed to work

Many people have forgotten how it feels to be truly relaxed. Massage can put you back in touch with the feeling of well being that is possible that is possible when tension is released.