Aromatherapy massage is a vibrational healing method combining all the benefits of massage with the prescriptive blending of essential oils. Essential oils are concentrated substances obtained from various botanical sources, for example lavender, lemon, chamomile, or benzoin.

Each essential oil has many therapeutic uses, and, due to their penetrative abilities, are easily absorbed into the bloodstream. The oils work on several levels, enhancing us physically and emotionally.

Regular aromatherapy massage treatments will help to stimulate and enhance our bodily systems, de-stressing and de-toxifying us.

Facial Massage
This has shown to help rejuvenate the skin by removing worn out cells and help nourishment of new cells.

Body Tone
This relieves stress, tension , helps to firm up and strengthen muscles and helps obesity.

Cellulite Treatment
Spot reduction emphasis is on areas which need help in breaking down fatty tissue.